Teacher’s Guides & Workshops

Hello, everyone!

As most of you know, I occasionally give workshops at conventions.  On this page, you’ll find Teacher’s Guides for my books, including possible activities which all line up with Common Core Standards.  You’ll also find materials for workshops that I conduct at conventions, just in case you missed them or you’d like to share them with your writer friends.  All I ask is that you give me proper credit for these guides and materials.

Happy teaching!

Love and Coffee cups,



Selling Your Books Cinematically – Creating Effective Book Trailers (Imaginarium 2016)

Outline/Guided Notes: selling-your-book-cinematically-workshop-outline

PowerPoint Presentation: selling-your-book-cinematically-workshop


Research and You (Karen’s Book Barn Writer’s Symposium)

Outline/Guided Notes: research and you handout

PowerPoint Presentation: Research Seminar